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Things To Do During The NBA Lockout: Gary Forbes Hosts Basketball Camp

What is there for a basketball player to do during the NBA Lockout? It certainly isn't to collect unemployment, as Ty Lawson jokingly asked on Twitter the other day (and, yeah, someone at the Charlotte Observer did ask whether a basketball player could do so). Other players have already or are considering joining European teams (like Kobe Bryant's rumored $1 million per month financial request).


For Denver Nuggets forward Gary Forbes, part of this time allows him to return to his alma mater--not the University of Massachusetts, but the Benjamin Banneker Academy, as the New York Times reports. Beginning last weekend and running for a second one this week, Forbes is hosting a youth basketball camp. But he is also committed to improving the academics at the school.


But like his fellow NBA'ers, Forbes will need to find a long-term answer should this lockout result in a lost season, and it looks like that will happen at the moment.