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Ty Lawson Cracks Joke About Unemployment During NBA Lockout

One of the lasting things from the 1998-99 NBA work stoppage was Kenny Anderson telling a reporter that he was thinking about selling one of his Mercedes to get some cash. It's one of the things that the players association didn't want him or any other player to say, and this time around the NBPA was educating its players on how to act during the lockout. Denver Nuggets playground Ty Lawson, it appears, had a lapse in judgment recently over those instructions.

Here's Ty Lawson's tweet:

i wonder if i can file for unemploymentless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


OK, it's a joke. It's pretty clear about that if you follow his timeline and see his responses to people who took him seriously. Still, he should have thought a bit more about that before tweeting it. Lawson is more than likely to head over to Europe once this lockout extends into October and November, and he'll still be making more money than most.