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Ty Lawson Might Head To Europe If Lockout Is Prolonged

The NBA Lockout looks like it could result in a lost season for 2011-12, and that has already sent some players over to Europe for the time being. For the Denver Nuggets, point guard Ty Lawson is thinking about the possibility of an overseas trip during the lockout, reports the Denver Post's Chris Dempsey.

Lawson sees November on his timetable to decide about playing ball in Europe. But he'll need to see which teams are interested in him. Right now he isn't looking for and hasn't received any offers:

"Not yet. I feel like they won't approach us until we approach them, with the overseas thing," Lawson said. "I haven't inquired about it to my agents, but it's a very possible thing if it goes into a long lockout."

Apparently his top destination should he go to Europe would be to play in Italy. I can't blame him for that--it's a wonderful place to visit.

Whenever the NBA does start up again, Lawson will be the Nuggets' starting point guard with Andre Miller breathing down on him for the spot should he falter. Getting some playing time in Europe would be a good way to stay on top of his game.

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