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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Nuggets Take Jeremy Tyler Again In SB Nation's Projections

Tom Ziller of released his latest 2011 NBA Mock Draft in which he makes fun of all those player comparisons that are thrown out by analysts and draft experts. As he writes:

Consider this mock draft our attempt to put together a definitive list of comparisons for the 2011 set of prospects. And by "definitive list of comparisons", I mean that this is definitely a list of comparisons. Let's mock.

As for the Denver Nuggets at the No. 22 pick, Ziller has Jeremy Tyler going there again. As we went over last week. Tyler has played in Israel and Japan over the last two years after skipping his senior year of high school. Ziller throws out a Brandan Wright comparison, which wouldn't be a good one for Tyler. Wright has never played a full season and for his career he has averaged 5.4 points.

Oh, and the Patrick O'Bryant comparison, well, he was an even bigger bust with 2.1 point per game in his four-year career.

Mock drafts? Player comparisons? It's all in the wind.