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NBA Draft Grades: Chad Ford All Right With Nuggets Draft, Tom Ziller Gives It 'A+'

As is to be expected, draft graders will be divided over how to rate a team's selections. Case in for the 2011 NBA Draft is the Denver Nuggets. They wound up drafting Morehead State forward Kenneth Faried and traded for Texas forward Jordan Hamilton from the Trail Blazers (who acquired him from Dallas) and for Chukwudiebere Maduabum from the Lakers (more on the Chu).

On the one hand, we have SB Nation's Tom Ziller singing the praises for this draft class by giving the Nuggets an 'A+' in his 2011 NBA Draft Grades. He sees Faried as an instant impact player, believes Andre Miller works out for the team as either a backup or a future salary dump to retain Nene and sees the addition of Jordan Hamilton as icing on the cake.

But then Chad Ford takes a more pragmatic(?) look at the draft. He doesn't include the Felton-Miller swap in his calculation, though the other part of that deal (the acquisition of Jordan Hamilton) is. Ford like Faried and believes he will be a player in the league, but he isn't as high on him to be a starter. He also questions how much time Hamilton will see on the court with Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler also on the roster. Chu is a "big-time project," but he's Masai Ujiri's guy. Overall, Ford rates the draft at 'B.'

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