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NBA Trade Rumor: Nuggets Will Receive No. 26 Overall Pick Jordan Hamilton In A Dallas-Denver-Portland Trade

Draft night for the Denver Nuggets just got better if reports of a three-team trade come to fruition. The Nuggets and the Trail Blazers will still swap Raymond Felton and Andre Miller, but the Dallas Mavericks will also be involved. Reportedly, the Mavericks will send the No. 26 overall selection, Jordan Hamilton, to the Blazers for Rudy Fernandez. In turn, Hamilton will be sent to the Nuggets to complete the deal. 

So the Nuggets wind up with Kenneth Faried, whom they drafted at No. 22, and will also add Jordan Hamilton. So Faried replaces Kenyon Martin and Hamilton will allow the Nuggets to let J.R. Smith walk. All in all, the Denver Nuggets should come out with one of the better early draft grades. It would have been high with just Kenneth Faried alone since he will be a starter for the Nuggets from Day 1.

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