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2011 NBA Draft Trade: Nuggets, Trail Blazers Talking Swap Of Raymond Felton, Andre Miller

While early rumors existed that the Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trail Blazers would swap point guards and draft picks, it now appears that the teams will swap point guards Raymond Felton and Andre Miller and other pieces, but not draft picks. That means Kenneth Faried will stay a Denver Nugget and Nolan Smith will be a Blazer.

So the Nuggets move a point guard in Raymond Felton who was going to be a backup and receive another point guard in return, Andre Miller. Miller played 2003-2006 with the Nuggets before he was traded to Allen Iverson. Karl has missed Miller since then and now he has him again. 

However, it still appears that the point is Lawson's spot to hold. How Miller responds to coming off the bench is another matter. More to come once this is official.

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