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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Markieff Morris Goes To Nuggets In SB Nation Bloggers' Mock

In addition to Tom Ziller's mock drafts over at SB Nation, a bloggers' mock draft was held over the last few days. Andrew Feinstein of Denver Stiffs selected for the Nuggets and he selected a player rarely attached to the team in other mock drafts, Kansas forward Markieff Morris:

Even though all the "power" forwards the Nuggets are hoping to draft at No. 22 (like Chris Singleton, Kenneth Faried and Tobias Harris) have been drafted before the Nuggets' slot, my esteemed colleagues at SB Nation somehow managed to miss on Markieff Morris, the lesser talented but bigger of the two Morris twins.

Feinstein took Morris because he played at a major college program for several years, and looking at history those types of players are the ones who have an impact, even just as a backup, right away. And he's right that even if Kenyon Martin is brought back the team still needs to address the power forward position. There's no way to tell how long Martin will last.

Better to choose Morris for the present and the future than a European who may never even make it to the States, right? That's Feinstein's mantra with this pick, and the correct one at that.