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NBA Trade Rumors: Spurs Reportedly Looking To Deal Tony Parker, Where Does That Leave Nuggets' Raymond Felton?

The San Antonio Spurs appear determined to move into the lottery of the 2011 NBA Draft, which will be held on Thursday, June 23. According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the Spurs have contacted teams in the lottery, though he is only able to mention the Toronto Raptors and the Sacramento Kings. Those are pretty high draft picks, fifth and seventh, respectively, so the Spurs would need to give up someone of pretty good value to move up that high. 

Apparently, point guard Tony Parker is the player the Spurs want to move. The Kings have already discussed the availability of Denver Nuggets point guard Raymond Felton. The Spurs would be able to obtain a starter at the point in Felton, while the Nuggets would have a backup point guard who would like to start and would most likely bolt as a free agent after the upcoming season. Ty Lawson is the current and future star of the Nuggets' back court, and Felton has no place there, really.

If the Spurs do pull off a Parker-for-lottery pick trade, this draft will be a whole lot more interesting.