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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Alec Burks Hangs Around Back Of Lottery In Chad Ford's Latest

Colorado Buffaloes guard Alec Burks has consistently found himself around the 10th pick in early 2011 NBA mock drafts and now he's likely to be found a few picks later, right on the edge of the lottery. In Chad Ford's fifth mock draft (Insider required), Burks goes No. 13 to the Phoenix Suns:

But if Burks is on the board, he may be very hard to pass up on. He has star potential if he ever learns how to shoot. With Vince Carter likely out of the picture in Phoenix, Burks also fits a need.

Tristan Thompson is also mentioned as a possible pick for the Suns here, but Ford has him drop out of the lottery and into the waiting hands of the Philadelphia 76ers at No. 16.

Ford might have had Burks go to the Milwaukee Bucks at No. 10 overall, but according to the people he has spoken with the Bucks want to stick with Brandon Jennings as their point guard. Klay Thompson, therefore, would fit better with the Bucks because he is going to be able to shoot.