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2011 NBA Draft: Point Guard Could Be Nuggets' Selection If Raymond Felton Moved

Right in the background of the 2011 NBA Draft is a possible labor impasse between the league and the players, possibly resulting in a lockout. That would end free agency and trades, slated to begin in July. But the Denver Nuggets may choose to move point guard Raymond Felton, whom they picked up in the Carmelo Anthony trade.

In a recent chat on, John Hollinger tackled this question:

Nate (Denver, CO)
Can the Nuggets move Ray Felton for any sort of decent package? What could they get for him (since he wants to start)?

John Hollinger
I think they will move Felton, and I think they want to get a rotation big man in return. Felton could be productive as a third guard there but I'm told he really wants to start.

Acquiring a big man would offset the potential loss of Kenyon Martin or Nene through free agency (whenever that starts) and then allow the team to pursue a backup for Ty Lawson. DraftExpress' latest mock draft (June 1 release) has the Nuggets taking Iman Shumpert, a combo guard out of Georgia Tech. Though a point guard in the long term, he could also help out at the 2-guard spot if J.R. Smith is not brought back.