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Nuggets Vs. Thunder: Denver, OKC Play Close Game At Halftime, 50-50

Based on the first half results, the Denver Nuggets and the Oklahoma City Thunder are going to play a game that comes down to the wire. The Thunder turned a three-point deficit after the first quarter into a 50-50 tie at halftime.

The Thunder have been adept at getting the Nuggets into foul trouble, while the Nuggets can get the refs to blow the whistle on the Thunder. The Nuggets have twice the fouls the Thunder do (14-7) and a third of the free throws (5-of-6, 15-of-18). That free throw advantage has helped the Thunder overcome a 39 percent field goal percentage. The Nuggets, meanwhile, are hitting 51.3 percent of their shots.

No Nuggets scorer has stood out so far. Kenyon Martin leads with eight, while three other starters have seven. The bench has contributed 15 points.

The Thunder continue to rely on Kevin Durant, who has 17 points. Kendrick Perkins is second in scoring with nine points. Though he has zero points, Serge Ibaka grabbed six rebound and blocked five shots. But he did commit four turnovers. The Thunder hold a 24-18 rebounding advantage.

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