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Thunder Vs. Nuggets Score: Denver Holds Early Six-Point Lead

The Denver Nuggets are definitely out there playing as though they want a Game 5, a Game 6 and a Game 7. They lead the Oklahoma City Thunder, 26-20, after the first quarter.

Kenyon Martin leads the Nuggets in points (9) and rebounds (5). He's made four of five shots. Arron Afflalo is also off to a strong start, scoring six points in a team-high 10 minutes. They are shooting 52.4 percent from the field, while the Thunder are connecting on just 33.3 percent of their shots.

For the Thunder, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook continue to provide the scoring edge. They have 15 points already. Serge Ibaka leads the team with three rebounds, but in a turnaround from previous games, the Nuggets hold a 14-10 edge in that category. Eric Maynor appeared to have a three-point shot go in from the other end of the court at the buzzer, but replay showed that the red lights were already on.

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