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2011 NBA Playoffs: Nuggets Vs. Thunder Predictions

Predictions for the 2011 NBA Playoffs are just like any other predictions: mostly boring and staid. Well, that is until those predictions are made using crappy 1990s video games. That's what Jon Bois of SBNation.con is doing, and for the Nuggets-Thunder series he used Barkley Shut Up And Jam! for the Sega Genesis platform. It's one of those old school basketball games that features two-on-two basketball--it was from 1994 after all. The basic point of the game (besides winning, right?) was to just jam the ball, because Charles Barkley wanted that and nothing else. Seems like J.R. Smith would like that. Given the inherent limitation of using a 16-year-old video game, the "Thunder" won 39-37 over the "Nuggets."

Oh, a real prediction. Mike Prada at has one of those. He believes there is a mild chance of the Nuggets upsetting the Thunder, but only if they can overcome the seed and strength of Oklahoma City. He predicts a Thunder victory in five games. However, I do agree with him that Ty Lawson could enter the national stage during this series.

The Nuggets and Thunder begin play in Oklahoma City on Sunday night.