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VIDEO: Ty Lawson Nails Three After Three After Three. . .

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's video of the Denver Nuggets' Ty Lawson hitting 5,045,785 threes in Saturday's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Oh, fine it was just 10 three-pointers, but that's an NBA record for most consecutive three-point shots made in a single game. Now, he did attempt an 11th shot at the end of the third quarter that went astray, which ruined his chances at the most successful three-point shooting night without a miss from beyond the arc.

Still, the funny thing about this is that Lawson did it against the team that drafted him back in 2009. The Timberwolves had four draft picks that draft, two coming in the top six picks. Those players were point guards Jonny Flynn and Ricky Rubio. At 18th overall, Ty Lawson was selected out of North Carolina, the team's third point guard of the draft. And at the 28th slot, the T'Wolves drafted Wayne Ellington.

Well, the Wolves kept three of those players and not much to show for them. Lawson went to the Nuggets for a 2010 first-round pick that turned into Luke Babbit. Ricky Rubio has yet to come to the States, and Flynn has averaged 10.3 points over two NBA seasons, but was not a starter in 2011. Ellington is a role player for the Wolves.

Meanwhile. Lawson has blossomed into a starting NBA point guard ever since Chauncey Billups was traded along with Carmelo Anthony in February. Lawson's promising future is what made losing Billups easier.