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(VIDEO) Andrei Kirilenko Misses Game-Tying Layup

Last night's Nuggets-Jazz game ended on a hold-your-breath moment. Leading by two, Kenyon Martin was ready to in-bound the ball (video via @bubbaprog):

That was really close. Immediately after Devin Harris sank a three, Martin gets ready to put the ball back in play, but mishandles it. Whoops. Andrei Kirilenko was all over Martin and stole the ball.

Time for any easy layup to tie the game and go to overti--MISS! Wait, rebound! BUZZER! Nuggets win. Ouch.

Kirilenko walks off the court in anger, while head coach Tyrone Corbin is left wondering what just happened. It's hard to believe that that layup missed.