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NBA Trade Rumor: Warriors Reportedly Inquire About Nene

While everyone and their mothers are seemingly attempting to trade for Carmelo Anthony, the Golden State Warriors, whom the Nuggets play tonight, may be looking to acquire someone else on the Nuggets' roster. According to Marcus Thompson II of the Mercury News, sources say that the Warriors have looked into Nene Hilario. But at this point there really are no legs to this.

Nene is a free agent after this season, which, according to Thompson, means the Warriors would need him to sign an extension in order for this to happen. And the Nuggets would want to trade him, the biggest block to any trade. Given the unsteady state of the Nuggets, moving Nene at this point would seem to be an unwise move.

So, for now, this is mostly wishful thinking on the part of the Warriors rather than a concrete move to acquire Nene.

Nene finished third in NBA All-Star Game voting for Western Conference centers. He is averaging a career-best 15.3 points this season.