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Report: Nuggets, Knicks, Timberwolves Working On Three-Team Trade For Carmelo Anthony

ESPN's Chris Broussard reports that a new three-team deal for Carmelo Anthony is in the works. This new iteration involves the New York Knicks and the opponents the Denver Nuggets beat on Saturday night, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Supposedly, the deal would send Melo to New York, Wilson Chandler, Corey Brewer and Minnesota's first-round pick to the Nuggets and Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph to Minnesota. This isn't too much of a surprise. The Knicks were reportedly looking to trade Randolph to the T'Wolves earlier in order to get a first-round pick in a deal for Melo.

The Knicks have been Anthony's preferred destination for some time and there have been reports to varying degrees stating the he will only sign an extension with the Knicks if a trade does happen. Any other team and he would walk at the end of the season.

However, this rumored trade would be a step down from what the Nuggets could have received from the New Jersey Nets, which included two first-round draft picks, rookie forward Derrick Favors and point guard Devin Harris (who would likely have been moved in another deal).

Ever since September, there have been multiple trades that would have sent Carmelo Anthony to another destination. Will this one be like all the others, or will this one stick because it involves the Knicks? Stay tuned.