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Chauncey Billups Accepts Nuggets Apology Over Carmelo Anthony Trade

"Chauncey [Billups] is Colorado basketball," as our own Evan Pfaff wrote yesterday. As it turns out, it was a tough decision for the Nuggets to have to trade him, but it became apparent that that would need to happen. Chauncey didn't want to leave Denver. He wanted to finish his career playing for the Nuggets, no matter the direction of the team going forward. But now he dons a Knicks uniform.


On Tuesday, owner Josh Kroenke offered an apology to Billups and his family. On Wednesday, Billups spoke with the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman about the recent trade. Billups expressed what can be seen as a bit of cognitive dissonance over the move to New York. Calling the apology "a nice gesture," Billups finds it hard at the same time to be away from his wife and daughters. He trying to reconcile the two feelings, but isn't quite there yet.


That's twice Billups has left Colorado. Will he return to the Nuggets for a third time once his career on the court is over? All Coloradans can only hope so.