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2011 NBA All-Star Weekend: Stephen Curry Wins Skills Challenge

Stephen Curry won the 2011 Taco Bell Skills Challenge. His first round score was 34.1 seconds while he improved to 28.2 in the final round. Russell Westbrook finished second. He took 30 seconds to complete the course in the opening round, but then messed up on the bounces passes to finish at 44.2, the worst of the night.

John Wall (39.3 seconds), Derrick Rose (the defending champion at 35.7) and Chris Paul (42.7) were eliminated in the first round. Paul messed up when he missed the opening layup, severely handicapping his chances of advancing.

Each participant was playing for a chance to give a kid a $30,000 scholarship for college.

This was the second of four contests tonight. The 3-Point Challenge is next, but the best event is saved for last. The Slam Dunk contest, headlined by Blake Griffin, will close out the night. I can't wait to see Griffin jump over a car.