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2011 NBA Rookie Game: Carmelo Anthony Talks While Rookies Lead Sophomores, 71-69

At halftime of the Rookie Challenge Game, the Rookies lead the Sophomores, 71-69. One of the highlights of the first half was a DeJuan Blair dunk. From the free throw line, Blair bounced the ball off the back board and made the dunk successfully. There were 22 dunks of all varieties in the first half.

Blair and DeMar DeRozan lead the Sophomore team with 14 points each while Wesley Johnson leads the Rookies with 16 points. As expected this is a offensive game with little in the way of defense being played in the first half. Will that change during the second half of the game?

Carmelo Anthony is an assistant coach for the Sophomore team, and TNT interviewed him during the last few minutes of the first half. When asked if there were any meetings happening this week, "Melo said there were none. However, at this point, can we trust what he says? As the Melodrama turns. . . .