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Just Don't Believe Anything You Hear About A Carmelo Anthony Trade

There's a stock narrative every time a "new" Carmelo Anthony trade rumor breaks: Report A has teams discussing preliminary trade. Report B comes out a few hours later, citing sources having knowledge of which players are involved. Report C says, "Oh, hey, deal's done--as long as 'Melo signs deal."


Then there's report D: "Carmelo Anthony on trade: 'That's news to me.'" And that's exactly what 'Melo is saying today. He claims that he hasn't heard about a meeting with Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and that he "really wouldn't know what to say" if a meeting took place.


Act like you know nothing? Pretend that you don't know a trade is going down? As Tom Ziller tweeted, it's been seven months and 'Melo hasn't said anything on this topic. Now is probably the time to say something about all of this. Silence certainly isn't keeping Nuggets fans on his side, if anyone was even over there in the first place.


So, for everyone who is still following this NBA travesty, just don't believe anything about it. In a couple of hours it'll all be wrong again.