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Carmelo Anthony, Knicks' James Dolan Reportedly Met On Thursday

Here's a good reason why the Carmelo Anthony trade drama is a wild goose chase that needn't be followed: Carmelo Anthony has already met with the Knicks' James Dolan on Thursday, the New York Daily News reports. Apparently a conference call between Dolan and Knicks president Donnie Walsh will take part in a conference call on Friday with Nuggets owner Josh Kroenke and general manager Masai Ujiri.

If the Nuggets have already agreed to a trade with the Nets, why allow this meeting? This may be a fall back if 'Melo does not agree to sign an extension with the Nets, which in all likely may happen. As Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski tweets, Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov will probably have issues with the public nature of the ongoing trade talks. He canceled the last trade partially as a result of how that one played out in the media.

This has long moved on from being interesting to just being a lather, rinse, repeat job.