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NBA Trade Deadline Rumor: Nets, Nuggets Talking About Carmelo Anthony Again

Despite New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov pulling out of a trade for the Nuggets' Carmelo Anthony in January, new reports have the two teams discussing a trade again. Al Iannazzone first tweeted that the two teams "have talked recently," but Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski then followed with a report that the Nuggets re-initiated talks "over a week ago" and that "progress" has been made.

Wojnarowski later reported that the deal would still include "rookie forward Derrick Favors and draft picks," though it would be part of a lesser offer this time.

Is this a ploy by the Nuggets to get more out of the New York Knicks, or has New York decided it doesn't want to give up the entire city for 'Melo? And, as always, will Carmelo Anthony sign an extension with the Nets if a new deal is agree upon? He was scheduled to meet with Prokhorov before the proposed deal was cut off.

This is just another turn in the Melodrama. The trade deadline is Feb. 24.