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Is Carmelo Anthony Bluffing About Signing Extension If Not Traded?

A week ago, Carmelo Anthony said that he would need to think hard about signing the extension the Nuggets have offered him if he is not traded by the Feb. 24 deadline. If that were to happen, it could just be an indication that 'Melo want to get as much money as he can before a new collective bargaining agreement that is expected to rollback salaries is reached.

Now Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the franchise could be coming apart at the seams. According to Wojnarowski's sources, the Nuggets are becoming disillusioned over 'Melo's concern with racking up stats instead of winning, as well as his refusal to take direction from George Karl. This is what has led many to believe Anthony is insincere about the possibility of signing the extension if he is not traded.

The same sources also suggest that Karl, though he has said nothing publicly, would prefer to coach a Nuggets team that does not have Anthony on the roster.

This dance-around is also reportedly hampering other deals from happening. According to Portland Trail Blazers GM Rich Cho, a Carmelo Anthony trade could lead to a number of other deals then falling into place.