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NBA Free Agency 2011: Denver Nuggets Are In 'Prime Position' To Re-sign Nene, According To Report

Might the Denver Nuggets be in a good position to re-sign free agent forward/center Nene, after all? Because the Nuggets can offer Nene a five-year contract, the only team able to do so, this has put the team in a 'prime position' to keep the big man, according to Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick.

Amick breaks down the particulars of the contract the Nuggets can offer to Nene compared to other teams:

[The Nuggets are the only team able to give Nene a five-year deal with 7.5 percent raises while the rest of the league could only offer four-year deals with 4.5 percent raises [...] that would mean approximately $102.8 million in Denver as opposed to the four-year, $75.7 million deal he'd sign elsewhere.

However, Nene has repeatedly said since the early part of the summer that money is not the deciding factor in where he will sign. However, it is known that he really does love the city of Denver and his family would have some misgivings about leaving.

There is plenty of uncertainty surrounding the future of the Nuggets and Nene may want an earlier chance at winning an NBA title. The Nuggets aren't quite at that level yet.

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