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VIDEO: Sean Williams Vomits Late In Nuggets Vs. Mavericks

Sean Williams returned to NBA action for the first time in nearly two years when he played in Monday's Dallas Mavericks game against the Denver Nuggets. He did pretty well for the Mavericks in what was a blowout victory for the Nuggets, scoring 12 points in 11 minutes.

But the rigors of his first game back didn't sit too well with him in the final minutes of the game. Check out the video below.

With 3:25 left on the clock, Williams is on the bench and he vomits on the floor in front of him. Play on the court stops for the mess to be cleaned up. But before we know that is what happens, we see Dirk Nowitzki and others laughing when they are down 19 points. But then we see the towels on the floor and covering noses.

Even Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was having a good time after learning what was happening.