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Nuggets Vs. Mavericks: Shawn Marion Plans To Play Through Broken Finger

Don't expect Shawn Marion's broken left pinky to keep him out of Monday night's contest against the Denver Nuggets. Marion broke the finger during Christmas Day's season-opening game against the Miami Heat. As Marion told the Dallas Morning News after the game:

"It hurts like hell,'' he said. "But I'm a warrior.''

Marion had 12 points and 6 rebounds for the Mavericks before not playing in the fourth quarter of the game. Considering that Marion has injured the finger in the past, this shouldn't affect him too much against the Nugget. However, the Mavericks are an aging team and injuries of this sort might start piling up throughout the season.

The Nuggets will want to come out early and test Marion defensively to find out if he is playing up to speed.

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