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2012 NBA Championship Odds: Denver Nuggets Are 65/1 Favorites

The Denver Nuggets are basically in the same position as they have been for the last few seasons: a decent team but not one favored to win the NBA Championship. And that has continued into the shortened 2011-2012 season. The Nuggets have 65/1 odds to win the title, according to Bovada. From the Northwest Division, only the Oklahoma City Thunder (15/2) and the Portland Trail Blazers have (35/1) have better odds.

The Nuggets, though, have 30/1 odds to win the Western Conference. That's still probably a tough one to accomplish.

Bovada also has odds up for which player will win the 2012 NBA MVP. The only Nuggets player to appear on that list? Danilo Gallinari. That puts him in the same area as Andrea Bargnani and rookie Kyrie Irving. And he has better odds than Tracy McGrady's 500/1. Are we saying Gallo has a chance? Eh, not really, but we can dream of Gallo becoming this all-world star, right?