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NBA Preseason, Suns Vs. Nuggets: Denver Will Start Ty Lawson, Andre Miller In Back Court

The Denver Nuggets begin the preseason against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night. Ty Lawson and Andre Miller are expected to start in the back court for Denver.

The Denver Nuggets kick off the brief preseason with a home game against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night. George Karl has already announced the starting lineup for his Nuggets. Timofey Mozgov will start at center while Nene will be the power forward and Danilo Gallinari will be the small forward.

The only big news for this game is that the back court will consist of Ty Lawson and Andre Miller, both point guards. Karl believes they are the two best players on the team right now. However, it is unlikely that this will last into the regular season. Once the Nuggets sign or move on from Arron Afflalo, the team will have a better idea of who will be the starting shooting guard.

Recently acquired Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer can both play shooting guard, as well.

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