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2011 NBA Lockout Update: David Stern Issues Ultimatum

In a letter sent to union executive director Billy Hunter, David Stern outlined a proposal and gave the players until Wednesday evening agree to it... or else.

“Rather than simply proceeding, as we could have, to offer a less favorable proposal at this time, the N.B.A. is providing an additional period of time for the players association to consider our 50/50 proposal,” Stern wrote. “We are hopeful that the prospect of a less favorable outcome for the players will prompt the players association to realize that the best deal that can be reached is the one the N.B.A. is prepared to make right now.”

Stern threatens several consequences, including a salary "rollback" that would cut the players' share to 47% should they fail to agree to the 50-50 proposal.

Stern appeared on Sportscenter Monday evening and reaffirmed his stance, saying, "We think there's a great offer on the table."

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