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Arron Affalo: 'It's All About Winning' As Denver Nuggets Restricted Free Agent Awaits End Of Lockout

For NBA free agents and restricted free agents, the lockout is certainly taking its toll on them. At least the players already under contract know where they will play once the two sides come to an agreement on a new labor deal (however long that takes). For restricted free agent Arron Afflalo, the lockout is giving him plenty of time to think about where he wants to play once things clear up.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Afflalo spoke about free agency and said that he believed for most of last season that he would just re-sign with the Nuggets. But as his role increased with the team he thought about moving on:

But obviously as the offseason goes on and changes are made, you have to weigh your options. My gut at the end of the season was that I’d be back in Denver, but you have to keep your options open. And for me, it’s all about winning.

Afflalo goes on to mention that the Chicago Bulls would be a dream destination, but he doesn't know about the amount of money he would accept yet.

If Afflalo signs elsewhere and the Nuggets don't match the offer, the Nuggets would be in an even deeper hole. J.R. Smith, Wilson Chandler and Kenyon Martin are all free agents and will play in China for a year (unless they are able to get out of their contracts).

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