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J.R. Smith Injury: Father Claims J.R.'s Knee Is 'Sore,' According To Report

Although J.R. Smith appeared to have badly hurt his knee in a non-contact situation during his first game in the Chinese Basketball Association, his father, Earl Smith, has told Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski that Smith is able to walk around and dealing with a sore knee.

Smith's father, though, did confirm that his son will receive an MRI soon. Hopefully that will just confirm everything Smith's father is telling reporters now; otherwise, Smith is just trying to deflect away all the attention this could receiver.

If Smith does have a serious knee injury, his $3 million contract becomes a warning to other players thinking about playing overseas: even if the money is there, the chance at injury is still great.

So far, though, former Nuggets teammate Wilson Chandler hasn't had any issues with the CBA. He scored 43 points and pulled down 22 rebounds in his debut

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