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Nuggets' Chris Andersen Creating Celebrity Hunting Show

Whether the NBA lockout ends next week through the players accepting the owners' latest proposal or through some deus ex machina, Denver Nuggets center Chris Andersen has been spending his time so far attempting to create a celebrity hunting show. As he told SLAM Magazine recently:

Chris Andersen: I’m actually from the woods down in Texas. I’ve been training and whatnot about basketball, but also I’m trying to start a hunting show right now. So I’m out in the woods with Converse.

SLAM: A hunting show?

CA: It’s gonna be called "Willie B and the Good Ole Boys." Basically with all my friends I grew up with down in Texas, and it’s going to be celebrity rednecks that do crazy, dumb stuff…hopefully I get sponsored by Converse.

h/t to Pro Basketball Talk

Celebrities. Rednecks. Celebrity rednecks. The Birdman better be careful he doesn't hit into any branches when he's setting up for his shot. Of course, his height might alone scare aware what he's hunting.