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NBA Lockout Negotiations Have Sides 'Within Striking Distance' And Primed For BRI Talks On Friday

National Basketball Player's Association head Billy Hunter left Thursday's meetings with good things to say about the progress being made. As Hunter explained:

"I think we're within striking distance of getting a deal... Commissioner Stern is back there smiling, so I think that's a good indication."

NBA Commissioner David Stern was indeed present at the NBPA press conference, which is something a bit different than previous days. For what it's worth, even Stern seemed optimistic about returning to negotiate on Friday, saying:

"I can't tell you that we resolved anything in such a big way, but there's an element of continuity, familiarity, and I hope trust...and we're looking forward to making something good happen."

Both sides acknowledged that Thursday's session focused on "system issues" like luxury tax and salary cap structure, leaving the all important BRI (Basketball Related Income) distribution for negotiation on Friday. Stern told reporters he had an idea of what the new CBA would look like at this point, and added that it would be a failure if no deal was reach by the end of the weekend.

When media members asked Billy Hunter when the big moves would be made, Stern spoke up from the back of the room to say "tomorrow." That day is now upon us, so let's see what movement occurs.

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