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Ty Lawson Jokes(?) About Leaving Lithuania

While the NBA continues to cancel games with no progress made in talks for a new collective bargaining agreement, Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson is enjoying his time in Lithuania. Or maybe not. Lawson took to Twitter again with what turned out to be non-serious tweets:

funny thing.... i see all these lithuanian ppl starting to follow comes the hate tweets.... in 3...2..1 lol..

this ridiculous... didnt kno racism still existed... might have to pack my bags

lol..i aint gonna pack my bags.. life in a another country is crazy as u can tell... im a tough dude..aint gonna run away from a situation

this is hilarious thanks to all the supporters tho...

This isn't the first time Lawson has pulled a joke on Twitter. Back in the early days of the NBA lockout, Lawson tweeted a question: "Can I file for unemployment?" It seemed like a joke at the time, but of course some people decided to take it seriously and actually answer the question.