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2011 NBA All-Star Game Voting: Carmelo Anthony Remains Second Among Western Conference Forwards, Nene Moves Up Among Centers

The NBA released its latest 2011 All-Star Game voting results, and the Denver Nuggets' Carmelo Anthony remains second among Western Conference forwards, appearing on 742,284 ballots. That is a 139,768 increase from the previous results, and he also increased the distance between him and the Los Angeles Lakers' Pau Gasol, being 39,425 ahead. The Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant leads all Western Conference forwards with 945,944 votes.

Nene improved his standing among Western Conference centers. In the previous tally, Nene had 211,475 votes, good for fourth. He moved up to third with 292,829 votes. The top vote-getter at center is Yao Ming, but he is out for the season. Looking at it that way, Nene is second behind Andrew Bynum, who has 493,237 votes.

The Lakers' Kobe Bryant leads overall voting with 1,391,597 ballots. He is followed by the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard (1,205,159) and the Miami Heat's LeBron James (1,194,091). Howard and James lead the Eastern Conference in votes.

SB Nation provides the starting lineups for the 2011 NBA All-Star Game--if voting ended today:


  • G: Dwyane Wade (1,167,649 votes)
  • G: Rajon Rondo (929,781)
  • F: LeBron James (1,194,091)
  • F: Kevin Garnett (850,687)
  • C: Dwight Howard (1,205,159)
  • G: Kobe Bryant (1,391,597)
  • G: Chris Paul (724,605)
  • F: Kevin Durant (945,944)
  • F: Carmelo Anthony (724,284)
  • C: Yao Ming (754,583)