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Mikhail Prokhorov Press Conference: Carmelo Anthony Deal 'Has Taken Toll On Players,' Cost Nets Wins (Video)

In case you haven't seen it, here's the video of the Mikhail Prokhorov press conference from yesterday. The New Jersey Nets' Russian owner pulled the plug on any Carmelo Anthony deal with the Denver Nuggets:

The best part of this press conference is when he says, "I never think in the subjunctive mood." It's unequivocal, there is no doubt that this is over. If the Nuggets come back with reduced demands, it does not matter. The Nets are finished with this Melodrama. Finis. 

Prokhorov basically let's everyone know that this deal had been in the public eye for too long and that it has strained the resources of the Nets. It has also stopped the Nets from winning more games than they already have. If this dragged on any longer and finally went through, it would have turned into a Pyrrhic victory (OK, he didn't use that exact term, but I'm sure he was thinking it).

Stating that he is a patient man, Prokhorov said he will wait for the right move. I wouldn't doubt him on that.