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Carmelo Anthony Rumor: Are The Chicago Bulls Back Into The Mix?

With the deal to the New Jersey Nets stuck in neutral and the Denver Nuggets not interested in what the New York Knicks are offering, Carmelo Anthony's agents are attempting to get the Chicago Bulls back into the trade picture, reports Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Bulls were in on Anthony back in September, but nothing ever materialized. The Nuggets would likely want Joakim Noah back in any trade, while the Bulls want to move Luol Deng, a player and contract the Nuggets are not inclined to take (according to Wojnarowski). Also, Chicago signed Noah to a five-year, $60 million extension, making it even more unlikely that the team would trade him.

Noah has been out since mid-December with a torn ligament in his right thumb.

While New York is 'Melo's preferred destination, it appears as though Chicago is his second-place landing spot. The Nets are third, if there are that many spots. In Chicago, Anthony would be able to play with young point guard Derrick Rose.