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NBA Power Rankings: Denver Nuggets Almost A Top-10 Team, But Will They Fall Wth Carmelo Anthony On His Way Out?

The latest SB Nation NBA Power Rankings are out and the Denver Nuggets check in at No. 12. A couple of weeks, these rankings changed from a conference breakdown to a league-wide format, so this appearance at No. 12 is good. But will the Nuggets be able to stay among the top-half of teams in the future?

With the Carmelo Anthony trade deal swirling, the Nuggets will be a rebuilding mode. In his write-up on the Nuggets, Tom Ziller already sees this team waving a white flag, especially after the Nuggets flopped against Sacramento Kings last week. And let's not forget Sunday's poor game from 'Melo and the Nuggets.

Oh, well. Maybe in the next NBA Power Rankings Anthony will no longer be a Nugget--or maybe a month from now.

The Miami Heat moved ahead of the San Antonio Spurs this week, mostly due to back-to-back losses last week. However, the Western Conference has six of the top 10 teams: the Spurs (No. 2), the Dallas Mavericks (No. 4), Los Angeles Lakers (No. 5), Utah Jazz (No. 8), the New Orleans Hornets (No. 9) and the Oklahoma City Thunder (No. 10).

The Atlanta Hawks are No. 11 and are aiming to move up next week. At the bottom of the rankings, the Sacramento Kings and the Cleveland Cavaliers occupy the last two spots. Long seasons, indeed.