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Is Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Driving Force Behind Carmelo Anthony Trade?

While the Denver Nuggets, the New Jersey Nets and the Detroit Pistons work out the remaining details of the mega-deal involving Carmelo Anthony, it is worth asking who or what the driving force behind this deal is. Put aside 'Melos desire to leave Denver, it appears that the Nets' owner, Mikhail Prokhorov may be the most important factor in this trade.

According to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, Prokhorov wants to make a big splash as new owner in the NBA and acquiring Anthony would be a huge deal. It makes sense for him to pull out all the stops in acquiring Anthony. He would be able to demonstrate that he can compete with the Knicks in New York. Plus, the Nets will move to Brooklyn soon, and having an NBA star in that borough would be a huge draw.

This could be why the Nuggets are taking their time in finishing this deal. If Prokhorov wants Anthony that badly, then the Nuggets can attempt to squeeze as much out of New Jersey as they possibly can. Oh, and Anthony still needs to sign that three-year extension for all this to happen.