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Patrick Saunders Pondering The Glory Days Of Denver Sports

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"Glory days, yeah, they'll pass you by" - Bruce Springsteen

"The Boss" had it right in his mid-80s hit "Glory Days" when he sang that they'll pass you by. But Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post is lamenting a time that passed in Denver a long time ago. While Saunders sees those "glory days" fading right about now, I think Denver is closer to starting a new period of glory because it already left behind the other ones long, long ago.

While Saunders has valid points about the college sports, I think his reaction to what is happening in Denver sports right now is shaded by his viewpoint on the Rockies this season:

This gloomy thought popped into my head Monday night while I watched the Rockies lose for the seventh time in eight games, their playoff chances disappearing into Coors Field's thin air.


Here is the ugly truth ... or at least the ugly truth as I see it, colored and warped by my huge disappointment over the Rockies' meltdown [...]
Yes, the Rockies failed this season. But let's recall the last time the Rockies had this kind of success in three out of four seasons. It shouldn't be too hard since it never happened before. Yes, there are holes this team needs to fill over the offseason, but ask his opinion in a few days and he probably won't feel as depressed about the situation as he is now.

I'll let Chris UZ White let you know what he thinks about Saunders being disrespectful to the Rapids in the piece.

The glory days are gone, but that just means we're getting ready for a new period of glory.