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Report: Charlotte's Refusal To Trade D.J. Augustin Could Hold Up Melo Trade?

Ken Berger of reports that a trade involving Denver Nuggets star forward Carmelo Anthony "gained momentum Friday night" but that there are still some hurdles to be cleared.

One impediment, sources say, is the Bobcats' refusal to include point guard D.J. Augustin in the trade. The Nets, who will be left without a starting point guard with Devin Harris going to Charlotte in the four-team scenario, don't necessarily view that as a deal-breaker. But sources say the Nets, the team that has been most aggressive in its pursuit of Anthony since it became known six weeks ago he wanted out of Denver, are concerned enough that they are continuing their attempts to pry Augustin from the Bobcats. If they're unsuccessful, another option would be to try to bring in another team.

"It could expand," one of the sources said.