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Structure Of Carmelo Anthony Nuggets-Nets Deal In Place

According to Nets beat writer Al Iannazzone, the structure of the proposed Melo deal is pretty much complete:

In the proposed deal, as we were told, the Nets would send Derrick Favors and Golden State’s 2012 first-round pick to Denver. It’s the pick they acquired in the Marcus Williams trade and is protected 1-7. The Nets also would send Harris and Jarvis Hayes, whose rights they didn’t renounce, to Charlotte, and Quinton Ross to the Jazz. In return, the Nets get Anthony, a three-time All-Star and career 24.7-point scorer, and third-year point guard DJ Augustin from Charlotte.

Hayes and Ross are included in this potential deal to meet salary cap rules.

This whole deal hinges on Anthony signing an extension with the Nets. Stay tuned.