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Carmelo Anthony's Nuggets Jerseys: What Should We Do With Them?

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With the recent news that the Nets are working hard on a four-team deal to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the Nuggets, fans will have to decide what to do with the jerseys they have bought with his name on the back of them. Denver is too classy to burn his jersey, unlike what Cleveland fans did with LeBron James' jersey. Sell them to collectors or Melo fans who want any piece of merchandise associated with him? Keep them in a closet and forget about them?


I fall into the latter category. It'll be quite awhile before we can start showing off our vintage Carmelo Anthony jerseys, but I'll wait for that time. But here's my situation: Melo's jersey is the only pro sports jersey I own. I need to buy a new one, but from which team and who? Vote in the poll for the team and give me your suggestions for which player.