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Carmelo Anthony Trade To The Bulls Won't Happen With Joakim Noah

Somewhat hidden in a Yahoo story about Bulls forward Joakim Noah wanting to stay in Chicago is a little nugget (sorry, I couldn't help it) on how the Nuggets feel about making a Carmelo Anthony deal with the Bulls.

While league sources said the Nuggets would demand Noah in any trade for Anthony, the Bulls have not shown any willingness to move their young center. Chicago officials have been in negotiations with Noah on a contract extension, but the two sides have yet to reach agreement.

While I have certainly resigned myself that Carmelo's days in Denver are pretty much numbered, the one thing that I don't want to see is the Nuggets front office take a lesser deal just because a deal needs to get done. Hearing that there will be no deal without Noah involved certainly makes me feel a little more confident that that won't happen.