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Denver Stiffs Interviews George Karl About Win 1000, Josh McDaniels, Assorted Nuggets Topics

Andrew Feinstein of Denver Stiffs recently interviewed Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl and asked him a variety of questions ranging from his health to his feelings going into win 1000 to the Josh McDaniels firing and some Nuggets news.

AF: What will it mean if this happens in Charlotte near where your basketball career started?  And will Dean Smith be in attendance?

GK:  I respect what it says.  Longevity in the business.  Delivering a product of excellence.  Making the playoffs.  And just be as good as you can be.  I’ve made the playoffs almost every year of my career, but we’ve played the eventual NBA champion a lot early in those runs.  Even in Milwaukee we played Indiana, New Jersey and Philly before those teams went to the Finals.  I wish we could’ve gotten more playoff wins along the way but I think I've delivered excellence.  

I tried to call coach [Roy] Williams today to see if he might be there.  I don’t know about Dean Smith.  He has so many guys that he has mentored - whether it be me, Larry [Brown], John Kuester, Roy [Williams] and so on that it’s tough for him to keep up with them all and be there for every one's individual milestone.  A couple guys from my Carolina team will be there.  And I think Michael Jordan will be here.  So there will be enough Carolina blood in the building to go around.

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