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Clippers Vs. Nuggets: Denver Leads Los Angeles, 49-48, At Halftime

The Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers have had a see-saw first half, but the Denver Nuggers have emerged on top at halftime, 49-48. The Nuggets are staying in this contest because the Clippers continue to pile up the personal fouls, 20 in the first half (the Nuggets have only 10). As a result the Nuggets have shot 24-of-30 from the line.

However, this hasn’t been the prettiest game for the Nuggets. They have committed nine turnovers and have allowed 36 points in the paint. On the bright side of things, Chris Andersen has three blocks, Carmelo Anthony and Shelden Williams two each and Arron Afflalo one.

Carmelo Anthony had 13 points (2-of-10 from the field, 8-of-10 at the free throw line) with two rebounds and two assists. Shelden Williams and Nene share the lead in rebounds with four each. Chauncey Billups has added eight points, three rebounds, three assists and a steal. J.R. Smith had put up seven points in seven minutes on the court.

As a team, the Nuggets are shooting only 31.3 percent from the field, but 45.5 percent fro beyond the arc.

The Clippers’ super-rookie Blake Griffin leads the team with 11 points and six rebounds, while Chris Kaman added eight points and six rebounds. The team has attempted seven three-pointers but missed on all of them.