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The Denver Nuggets Wish You Happy Holidays With 'Christmas In Hollis'

The Denver Nuggets released their 2010 take on a popular Christmas song. This time they covered Run-D.M.C.'s "Christmas in Hollis."

In this one, the players seem better prepared than in last year's "Winter Wonderland." (Video after the jump.) Still, don't expect any of these guys to leave the NBA and start singing careers soon. They wouldn't even make it past the audition stage on American Idol.

Their moves are just terrible in this video. They should look much better on the court later today when they face the Oklahoma City Thunder. What better gift could the Nuggets give their fans on Christmas night than a victory over Kevin Durant and the Thunder? Probably Carmelo Anthony signing an extension with the Nuggets to stay with the team rather than to move to somewhere else in the league.

Our sympathies go out to Anthony and his family as they cope with the death of his sister, Michelle.