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A Colorado Sports Festivus

The holidays are here again! Time to pull out your Festivus pole out of storage, eat some fruitcake, and air some grievances about our favorite local teams.

(We'll skip the wrestling part because, well, this is still just a website. Not entirely practical)

With Denver sports hitting a low point, there's plenty of complaints to get out into the open. Let's get started!

Denver Nuggets: Enough with the Melo dance. We know you are going to trade Carmelo Anthony before the deadline, we just don't know where and what pieces you are getting back in return. It's pretty obvious when even your marketing campaigns focus around players like Ty Lawson and Chauncey Billups instead of your superstar. So just pull the trigger already! The lifetime fans in Denver are sick of the uncertainty, it's put a cloud over the entire season, as Nuggets fans wake up every morning, wondering if today is going to be the day. Figure it out and squash the rumor mill for good.

Denver Broncos: Where do we even begin? After the worst season in Broncos football history, is it too much to ask for the season to be over? Give us a new head coach who knows how to draft, and a stud defensive player in the top 3 picks. All Broncos fans want is a team full of character guys who play hard and understand Denver Broncos football. Losing at Invesco Field is no longer acceptable. Losing to the Oakland Raiders is no longer acceptable. Just fix it.

Colorado Avalanche: STAY HEALTHY! This team has a legitimate shot to make some noise in the playoffs. Their league's best offense lights up the scoreboard on a nightly basis and their fast brand of hockey is a joy to watch. But the system works better when Milan Hejduk and Chris Stewart are playing instead of David Koci. And since we are filing grievances, lower your ticket prices so that families can afford to watch games in person!

Colorado Rockies: You re-signed Troy Tulowitzki and Jorge De La Rosa. You've shown a willingness to spend money on the draft and the big league roster. You have the best deal for tickets in all of baseball, and the best ballpark experience in town. Wait, these aren't next year? Colorado has seen 17 years of Rockies baseball, and without a single division title to show for it. Let's make it happen this year, boys, the division is entirely up for grabs.

Colorado Buffaloes: Thank you for recognizing that the Hawkins era simply wasn't working. Blowing the whole thing up and starting over was the only thing left to do. New conference, fresh start. My only concern is that the "Buff Family" idea limits choices for coaching staff and limits their ability to recruit top prospects. How about this: Get a new QB recruit, and don't get blown out in the Pac-12 next year.

Colorado Rapids: You guys get a pass. The cranberry cookies on the snack table, next to the punch, are absolutely delicious.